Corporate Wellness

Looking after your employees’ health and wellbeing is a smart move, no matter how big or small your company. It’s a simple equation: Healthy employees = productive employees = increased success for your company. The easiest, most successful and most cost-effective way to improve employee health and well-being is through the specialized services of a health coach.


Why choose a health coach?

As a coach, I am trained, qualified and experienced in guiding individuals to the optimum lifestyle choices to help them improve their own physical, mental and emotional health, giving them the tools to live a happy, healthy life, and giving you long-term benefits of a healthy staff.


They will experience reduced stress, increased energy and more motivation to do their jobs well. In the long run, they also won’t rely as heavily on health insurance or need to take as much time off work.


My topics on “Stress Management Made Simple” and “Healthy Eating at Work,” and “Eating for Performance at Work” along with several others, will help increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, reduce the need for medical care, and increase employees’ desire to live a healthier lifestyle. The most successful companies know they save money (and retain good people) if they provide wellness education and lifestyle support for their employees.


I spent over 20 years working in Software, Consulting and private companies and 7 years in Senior Management in State Government. As a former Executive, I am intimately familiar with the challenges and stressors in the Corporate world. And now, as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I am uniquely qualified to work with your employees – from the Executive level to mid-management and support staff.


I am available for talks, workshops or to design a customized employee wellness program. While I am prepared to come and speak on many topics, I can customize my topics for your employee’s needs. I also offer 1:1 Executive Coaching, targeted for your senior management team to address their individual health and wellness needs.