Are You Sick of Feeling Out of Control Around Food?

You Want to Lose Weight…

But Are You Solving the Right Problem?

It’s Time for a Different Approach

When women want to lose weight, they typically turn to one of the overwhelming number of diets available.

The problem with this approach is that diets are based on restriction and deprivation which can lead us right into a cycle of restricting, bingeing, feeling like a failure, then turning to yet another diet and repeating the cycle again.

Diets don’t solve the weight problem because they don’t address the real issue: emotional eating can keep you stuck in the patterns that get repeated over and over again.

The food you eat is only one small piece of the puzzle.

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I’m Marcie Desmond and I am here to help you break that crazy cycle for good! We will solve “the problem” not with another diet, but with a proven process that accepts instead of shames, excites instead of demoralizes, and empowers instead of leaving you feeling helpless.

I’m a Nationally Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach and I’m passionately committed to helping high-achieving women break free from the unhealthy cycles and patterns of emotional eating and yo-yo dieting.

You Are Empowered in so Many Ways

You likely lead an extraordinarily full and empowered life.

You’re the organizer, planner, manager, mother, partner, fixer, and the boss at work and at home.

You’re a high-achieving woman who sets goals and meets them. You own your power in almost all ways.

But there’s one place …

  • You don’t feel powerful.
  • You don’t feel like you’re in control.
  • You can’t seem to make work the way the rest of your life works.

Do you find yourself asking these same questions?

Over and over …

donut icon orange

Why can’t I ever stop after one cookie … or one serving of anything?

question mark orange

Why do I constantly gain and lose the same 10, 25, 50 pounds?!

timer icon orange

Why can’t I make quick work of losing that weight?

You Can’t Willpower Your Way Out Of It

The questions aren’t being answered because the truth is, it’s not a matter of willpower, or finding one more diet plan. Simply put, you are not “doing it wrong.”

  • It’s time to stop berating yourself and thinking there’s something wrong with you.
  • It’s time to stop trying one more diet plan.
  • It’s time to finally understand what is at the root of the patterns you keep repeating, over and over.
  • It’s time to finally get the support you need. The kind that will actually make a real difference.

I’m Here for You

You need to be supported and feel supported in the same way that you support everyone else in your extraordinary life. You need to be seen, heard, and understood.

That’s a big part of what my Food Empowerment™ programs are all about: seeing and understanding you, in all your uniqueness, and working with you to create a plan that’s yours.

A one-size-fits-all plan just isn’t going to work.

When we turn to food to manage a wide range of emotions and feelings, we all bring our own individual patterns and tendencies. When “the problem” we need to solve is really about emotional eating, there is a unified approach that works, but everyone’s journey will be unique.

I like to think about emotional eating as being on a continuum.

emotional eating continuum

Your journey may start at any point on the continuum. We can work together to find your personal roadmap that will lead you towards empowered eating.

If any of these resonate with you …

  • Struggling with yo-yo dieting … losing 10 pounds, then gaining 15
  • Using food to manage feelings and emotions … eating when feeling sad, anxious, or even happy
  • You are fantastic at restricting food, or working out, but then end up binging later … and then berating yourself for it … only to cycle through it again …
  • You simply do not know how to finally rid yourself of the extra pounds because you’ve already tried a million times

Food Empowerment, Not A Diet

My Food Empowerment programs offer the personalized support you need. I’ll hear you. I’ll see you. And I’ll help you.

It’s time to step out of the vicious cycle of emotional eating, stop the self-sabotage, and take your power back.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Power Around Food?