Marcie’s favorite quote:

“The greatest power you have is knowing you have power.”

– Pegine Echevarria

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There are several ways to work with me: private coaching, group programs, and corporate wellness programs. However we work together, I always take the approach that it’s not about looking a particular way or being a certain number on a scale. Instead, it’s about making sure that you feel as comfortable and empowered around food as you feel in the other areas of your life — and stopping the cycle of emotional eating and yo-yo dieting for good.

Food Empowerment — Not a Diet

What You Can Expect

My method flips the food diet dynamic entirely. It puts you back in control, once and for all.

How is it different from dieting?

Because together, you and I take a long and deep look at not only the destructive ideas, beliefs, and habits that have evolved in your life around food, but also the science that is found in the cycles that keep you there.

Together, we uncover your triggers, habit loops, and the other things that keep you stuck, then work to develop new ways of thinking and behaving that are more empowering and desirable.

We also will “fill the knowledge gaps.” For example, you let me know what you want to learn:

  • How do I stop binge eating?
  • Is it how to prepare delicious, nutrient dense meals?
  • Or is it, how to enjoy eating out and participating in social events without worrying about what to eat or wear?
  • Or is it how to manage food sensitivities and/or allergies and still feel empowered?

Recognizing the Vicious Cycles of Emotional Eating

Getting out of the emotional eating cycle is important, but it’s really difficult to do it on your own. (I know exactly how hard it can be!) But you can have a guide on the side who supports you every step of the way. When you work with me, you’ll quickly understand that there’s much more going on than a lack of willpower or an inability to just try harder—it is something much more.

Make no mistake, there IS hope. Together, we’ll help you learn and understand these cycles and how to get OUT of them once and for all.

Vicious Cycles of Emotional Eating

Our work together will be focused on uncovering what holds you back and then working to identify what will assist you in finally breaking free of these cycles. We apply my four-pronged approach — the 4 Pillars of Food Empowerment — so that you can begin to feel as empowered around food as you do in the other areas of your life and career!

The Three Phases of Food Empowerment

I like to break down the journey to food empowerment into three phases, it makes it easy to understand that this truly is a journey.
blue box number 1The “Empowered Knowledge” phase. Here is where you begin to understand the complexity of the problem and why Food Empowerment is a better approach than perpetual dieting. In this phase, you can develop hope because you discover there really is a way out.
number 2 blueThe “Empowered Action” phase. During this phase, you are actively learning Food Empowerment concepts, strategies, and tools, as well as gaining awareness of how to apply these things to your daily life. As you work with the strategies and tools, you begin to develop greater confidence that this can really work for you and become a lifestyle.

number 3 blueThe ongoing “Empowered Lifestyle” phase. This phase is the continuous discovery and growth which leads to deeper understanding when you are continually applying “empowered action” to your daily life. Your confidence continues to increase as you develop a deeper proficiency around food empowerment.

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Introducing the 4 Pillars of Food Empowerment

One of the major goals of food empowerment is to build a better relationship with food and stop using food to manage feelings and emotions. The four pillars represent the body of work around making lasting change. There are approaches, strategies, and tools that will be put to use in each pillar. 

4 Pillars of Food Empowerment

Together, we’ll work these four pillars to make the small, incremental changes that exponentially make big, positive changes that will help heal your relationship with food. I know, with the right support, you can begin to shift things in a brand new way.

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I have been a life-long weight watcher and although I successfully lost weight, I always gained it back. Marcie’s approach is not about counting points or calories; it is about nourishing your mind and body and empowering you to make choices that are right for that moment in time and understanding what you really need (that might not be food). I have never had anyone approach eating in this way! I am an emotional eater and this has been so good for me.

I am very thankful for having Marcie in my life. I no longer have the feeling of despair and I’m not afraid of food anymore. I understand I may have a slip but that doesn’t mean it is going to bring me back to that place where I felt out of control.


private coaching

My one-to-one Food Empowerment coaching is customized for your needs to be truly effective and life-changing.

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My Food Empowerment Programs can help set you up for life-long success around food.

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Studies show that organizations that implement wellness programs realize many positive benefits like decreased healthcare costs and greater ability to attract and retain quality talent.

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