About Marcie and Her Approach to Emotional & Binge Eating

I am passionate about helping women who are high achievers in every other aspect of their lives but who struggle with food.

I battled emotional eating for years and never had the right kind of support to make the right kind of changes. Now on the other side of those changes, I focus my wellness coaching specifically on helping other women truly break the cycle of emotional eating and yo-yo dieting.

My approach is likely very different from anything you have ever tried before. My Food Empowerment programs are NOT another diet, rather they work on the root causes of what is keeping you stuck.

In fact, if you are simply focused on losing 10–15 pounds to fit into that little black dress for an upcoming event, I’m probably not the coach for you. It’s not just about looking a particular way or hitting a number on the scale. It’s about making sure that you feel as comfortable and empowered around food as you feel in the other areas of your life — and stopping the cycle of emotional eating for good.

Food [food] Empowerment [əmˈpouərmənt]

— Noun —

    1. a state of being wherein food does not have power over a person; a person has power over food and food choices
    2. the process of becoming stronger and more confident around food; learning how to use food to nourish body, mind and soul.

Identifying, Understanding, and Stopping the Cycle

My programs focus on diving into the cycles at the root and heart of why you feel a lack of control around food. My clients are women who are rocking it in all the other areas of their life, but they struggle with unhealthy patterns of eating.  They restrict or binge or excessively workout… or simply obsess about food… ALL. THE. TIME. When they work with me, they gain both an understanding of their personal triggers,  and tools and strategies to finally stop the cycle.

About Me

When I was struggling with my own emotional eating and yo-yo dieting, it took time before I fully understood it wasn’t just about the food I was eating. It was so much more—it was my thoughts, my emotions, and my habitual patterns that needed attention. And all of these are deeply personal. There is no one size fits all approach to a healthy relationship with food.

I want it to be easier for my clients than it was for me by providing support that makes a real difference. My personal experience is part of why I can not only show you the path forward, but I can walk with you on that path, and that’s a real honor.

My Credentials: Heart Centered Meets Science And Experience

I want to ensure my clients are getting not only the heart-centered, compassionate support they deserve, but also knowledge and experience based in health science.

To that end, I participated in a year-long training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). At completion, I was certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I worked with clients providing health and wellness coaching for several years before deciding to take my education and certification to the next level.

I took the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) national board exam, which is given in collaboration with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). My clients know they are working with someone who is committed to obtaining training that adheres to rigorous standards and is personally and professionally experienced.

I obtained specialist training in Emotional & Binge Eating through the Eating Freely program. For over 12 years, the program (created by a psychotherapist specialist in disordered eating and Binge Eating Disorder) has helped thousands of people overcome their emotional and binge eating behavior and habits.


The “experience” part is where I’m different from most. More important than my credentials, is the fact that I have been there. I was a high-powered executive for over 20 years. I worked in distinguished positions and I too struggled with food. I was known as a real “fixer” for all the teams, projects, and organizations that I worked for, but I couldn’t fix myself until I did what I had to do to get on top of my emotional eating.

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Marcie is the first person who truly understood my issues with food. Doctors and nutritionists have dismissed them for years. Knowing that I could tell her anything and not be judged or dismissed was such a relief.

Any behavior change is difficult, so having someone’s support is essential. Marcie has a huge way of figuring out exactly how to help you so that it feels natural to take care of yourself.


Are You Ready?

If you are fed up with always struggling with food and are ready for real change, I can help you. I have the professional skills, training, and personal experience you need from an effective coach, but more important than that: I have been on a journey toward food empowerment too. I bring a whole lot of understanding and compassion to the process as well.

On some level, we’re kindred spirits, you and I. I’ve walked the same path, met the stumbling blocks, and found my way to an empowered relationship with food. Honestly, there is nothing like the deep, intrinsic understanding that comes with first-hand experience.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Power Around Food?