The Beginning

There used to be a time when I was the absolute model of health and vitality.

I was the poster-child for healthy living, exercising and teaching classes at health clubs long before it became fashionable to join gyms and hire a personal trainer, eating the healthiest, cleanest and most nourishing foods. I was insanely passionate about it – so much so that a college roommate recently commented on my Facebook page: “Marcie always wanted me to eat my vegetables. Now 40 years later she wants you to be healthy and joyous. Love her”

Yes, I was that person, and I still am!

But it hasn’t been a lifetime of perfect health and fitness, either.


The Detour

I kept going for years, from my high school gymnastics team, to working out at college, to running and exercising right into my early forties. But by then, things had started to go wrong. I blew a knee late in my thirties, which stopped me from running. I developed arthritis in my forties, which caused me endless pain, first in my knees, then my hips. By the time I reached age fifty I was getting booked in for a double hip replacement and narrowly avoiding a knee replacement surgery.

Work wasn’t exactly helping, either. Thanks to my crazy busy work schedule and all the traveling I was doing, I was slowly gaining weight and getting more and more out of shape, but I believed all that pressure was worth the career gains.

When I turned 50 I made one of the biggest decisions of my life – I became a first time mom and adopted a twelve-year-old girl. Like all working moms, I not only dedicated myself to showing her the possibilities that life offers, but I also needed to figure out how to focus on my health to have the energy to manage both work and home life, without losing myself in the process.

Somewhere between the challenges of raising a child, pursuing a high-pressure career and being supportive of my husband, who runs his own successful company, I lost track of my passion for fitness and nutrition and ballooned to 194 pounds – for a 5’3” woman, that’s a LOT! Self-care plummeted down on my list of priorities with each added responsibility. The arthritis was spreading, regular living was getting tougher and tougher and planning around not having to be on my feet was all-consuming.

I was not living the way I used to. Bonding over my meals with my daughter became an everyday routine, we filled the table with comfort foods, and my metabolism just couldn’t keep up the way it used to. With my fast-paced lifestyle, I leaned on fast-paced living, had wine most nights, take-out as often as I could, devoured pizza, pasta, and nachos like air, snacked on tempting nuts, crackers and cheese, sweet treats like ice cream, and consumed anything that satisfied quick and was prepared even quicker. I was filling my body with all the wrong foods and not providing it with the nutrition it really needed… and don’t even ask me about exercise!


The light dawned the day my daughter warned me I was going to end up in a golf cart in three years. Was she kidding? Me? How had I, the world’s biggest fitness and nutrition advocate, gotten to this point? This had to stop, NOW!


The turning point

I promised myself to make it back to health, a slender renewed me, and enjoy a life that wasn’t full of discomfort and pain.

Through a combination of guided training and tailored nutrition, I lost a massive 60 pounds, impacted the progression of my arthritis even after my doctors said it wasn’t possible, and regained my passion for life, health and wellness. I realized there were foods I just couldn’t eat – like tomatoes, which cause me intense inflammation. I also realized that I could enjoy an occasional glass of wine, a sweet, some dairy, but not all the time, or every day! The inflammation just was not worth it.

Now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

I threw myself into learning everything I could about arthritis and ended up at a doctor of functional medicine. He put me on an anti-inflammatory elimination diet and over the next several weeks and months, my pain just started to recede, slowly at first, then quickly – almost miraculously.

It doesn’t matter what age you are – I started in my fifties and I’m still maintaining my results in my sixties!

It doesn’t matter how busy you are – I had a career and a teenager to raise while doing it!

It doesn’t matter how unmotivated or out of control you feel – I just didn’t believe there was anything I could do about my arthritis, my weight or my health, but I did it anyway!

I know the challenges you’re facing, I know that feeling of just giving in, of giving up and letting poor health and pain rule my life. I’ve walked those miles (really slowly) and been where you are now. I believe everyone has it in them to make the change, lose the weight they’ve been dragging around for years and take control of their own health and wellness.

After I regained my health and dropped all that weight, I decided this was what I was meant to be doing. I knew it back in college, chasing down my friends with vegetables, and I know it now.

This is my passion, it is my calling, and I am here to help you discover the body you were always meant to have both inside and out.

Ready to take the next step to make tomorrow better and brighter?

Professional Background:

From the boardroom table to the dining table, Marcie Desmond is a high-powered executive-turned Integrative Nutrition Coach, who brings her drive to change the world and her passion for health and fitness to clients in need of help.

For over 25 years, her career in executive management and consulting included C-level positions in Information Technology for private companies, as well as State Government. All the experience and skills from her corporate career, like strategic planning, public speaking, account management and mentoring and coaching staff, combined with her training and experience in health coaching, have fully prepared her for her calling as a professional Health Coach.

After Marcie turned her own health and weight around in her mid to late fifties, she realized she needed to ditch her corporate career and follow her true passion – helping others lose weight, get healthy, conquer food intolerances and sensitivities and get the support they need to manage and beat Type 2 Diabetes. As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Marcie offers clients long-term, sustainable and fully supported help finding their own way to good nutrition, great health and amazing whole-body-mind wellbeing.