Group Coaching Programs

Working with me in a group environment can be an incredibly positive choice. Studies show that an important component to successful healthy transformation lies in the support and sharing provided by others going through the same process. So many of my clients are surprised and ultimately find comfort in the discovery that others struggle with similar thought and behavior patterns. You really don’t need to be alone in this struggle any longer.

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8-Week Food Empowerment Program

My Food Empowerment Program can help set you up for life-long success around food. It will help you rediscover pleasure and joy as well as an understanding of what triggers you to turn to food when you aren’t physically hungry. You’ll begin to learn what works for you — and what doesn’t — so you may start to walk down the path of food empowerment yourself.

This program is specifically designed to provide a jump-start and comprehensive introduction to food empowerment.

This is an 8-week, virtual group program that meets weekly on a 90-minute Zoom call to explore the topic of the week together and receive group coaching.

You’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of what drives emotional eating for you, how to achieve food empowerment, and how to put what you’ve learned into action
  • Identification of the harmful habit loops that keep you stuck and some practical ways to help you begin to change them
  • Reduced episodes of emotional eating
  • Practical tools and approaches for resolving emotional eating
  • Alternative strategies for managing emotions without food

Additionally, you receive …

  • Weekly tools and activities
  • Invitation to a private community where you’ll find daily support, and additional information and details on the week’s topic from me, answers to your questions, inspiration, and support from other participants in the group
  • Weekly program materials
  • An additional weekly coaching “office hours” call in which any participant can show up and ask questions and/or receive help with the weekly exercises as needed. No one is required to attend the entire call, but it could prove helpful to hear other participants’ questions and challenges and the solutions I offer.

This program asks for eight weeks of your time, attention, and effort. To ensure all participants receive dedicated attention, space is limited to 12 participants. 

You don’t have to do this journey … this struggle … alone anymore. I’m here to help and you’ll meet other participants who will offer support to you as you’ll offer support to them.

If you are interested in participating in my next group program (currently, I run three per year), please reach out and I will put you on the waitlist to be notified when the next registration opens.

One-Day Food Empowerment Workshop

This breakthrough, one-day workshop is designed to help you begin to understand what real food empowerment is and how to create a peaceful relationship with food.  You’ll see how emotional eating and yo-yo dieting keep you locked in a war with food and why you can’t willpower your way out of it. You’ll also see how it’s possible to transform your relationship with food from one riddled with stress and guilt to one that is more nourishing, peaceful and empowered.

You will walk away with practical tools and strategies you can begin applying right away. The hands-on workshop is a combination of presentations and group exercises.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Power Around Food?