Corporate Wellness Programs

Looking after your employees’ health and wellbeing is a smart move, no matter how big or small your company. Studies show that organizations that implement corporate wellness programs realize many benefits, including:

  • Decreases in health care costs
  • Decreases in costs related to chronic conditions (e.g. absenteeism and presenteeism)
  • Improved staff morale and engagement
  • Greater ability to attract and retain quality talent

One of the easiest, most successful, and cost-effective ways to improve employee health and wellbeing is through the specialized services of a board-certified health coach like myself.

I spent close to 30 years working in software, consulting, government, and private companies. I also spent over fifteen years at the VP level in multiple companies and industries. All this is to say that I am intimately familiar with the challenges and stressors in the corporate world.

My years of executive experience and my credentials as a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach position me to be uniquely qualified to work with your employees — from the executive level to mid-management and support staff.

All my Corporate Wellness Programs can be done virtually or onsite.

Executive Coaching

I offer private one-to-one Executive Coaching targeted for your senior management team. Many women at the executive level struggle silently — which slowly but surely impacts their effectiveness. If they can work privately with me, I’m able to address their individual health and wellness needs without compromising their need for privacy — and the impact of our work can be exponentially positive to both the coachee and the company. My specialization is Food Empowerment but I do general health and wellness coaching as well.

Lunch and Learn or Happy Hour Talks

Below are some examples of topics that can be presented as either a short talk or be developed into an interactive workshop. All options can be delivered either onsite or virtually.

  • Food Empowerment – How to Gain (or Regain!) Power Over Food
  • Healthy Eating for Busy Professionals – How to Prepare Quick and Easy Meals and Snacks
  • Making Nourishing Smoothies
  • Building Resilience in the Workplace
Additionally, any of the group programs I offer can be available for your employees.