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So many of my clients prefer one-on-one coaching, and it’s no surprise. By working together, just the two of us, we will refine what really works for you, what makes you tick and how you need to nourish and move your body for its ultimate benefit.


I even work within your schedule and needs. You can choose how much, or little, coaching you need or want.


One-On-One Wellness Coaching:

Get a unique, individualized program that suits your specific needs and tastes – it’s easier to stick to something that works FOR you!

One-on-one video, telephone, or in-person coaching – get real, heart-to-heart, in-depth coaching for your sticking points, successes and questions

Learn what you really need to know about nutrition and choosing the right foods.

Get email and text support in-between sessions, answering your questions, keeping you motivated and helping you stay on track.

Makeover your pantry, ditching the over-processed, sugar-laden, preservative-filled junk and replacing it with wholesome, healthy and satisfying good food.

Learn simple techniques for easy to prep meals and healthy eating on the go or at special events

Learn new grocery shopping techniques – how to choose the best, healthiest produce, how to identify harmful foods and how to find the hidden treasures.

Learn real, wholesome cooking techniques for healthy, nourishing eating.


One-at-a-time sessions – as-you-need-it, once-off 60-minute sessions during which we uncover the answers to your questions. Whether you need focused help for a specific issue, or just need refreshing in general, this is perfect for you.


Eight sessions, three months – Get weekly sessions during the first month and every two weeks during the second and third months, during which we will identify your needs, clarify your goals, create a unique and individualized plan to achieve your goals and monitor your sticking points, successes and barriers to success. You also get follow-ups and email and text support between sessions, plus all the resources you need to CRUSH your goals! Get recipes, meal plans, and more.


Fourteen sessions, six months – Taking the three-month package to its natural extension, with an extra three months and six additional sessions – perfect if you need a bit of longer-term help.


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“Marcie brilliantly balances her extensive knowledge with sincere compassion and unwavering support. Through the months that we’ve worked together, I have been impressed with Marcie’s uncanny ability to adjust her coaching to best support me: even in ways that I didn’t even know I needed support! I cannot imagine making this kind of progress without Marcie’s energy, experience and kindness. Any client willing to do the work and lucky enough to work with Marcie can expect tremendous results.”

-Ana J.

“Thanks to Marcie, I look better, feel better and am a much happier person!

I have lost 17.6 pounds! Finding Marcie has been AMAZING!

I have learned to eat clean, organic and manage my stalls in weight loss without giving up. The eating plans and recipes have been key to my losses and I will continue to carry on with everything I have learned. The morning metabolism drink is one of my favorites. I have even come to love the smoothies. Thank you Marcie for teaching me so much about eating healthy! I never knew I had it in me to eat clean. Your programs have shown me so much about myself that I didn’t know.”

-Julie W.

“Marcie’s the best health coach EVER! I’ve lost 8 pounds this month with her, eating every meal AND snacks, and I’ve learned so much about sneaky, insidious sugar in my otherwise very healthy diet. She really goes above and beyond in her coaching. She loves what she does and she was born to do it. I cannot say enough positive words about her. She’s very knowledgeable, understanding, and practical. And she’s come a long way, herself, so no judging and a great sense of humor about it all.”

Talitha V.